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Digital branding, Brand promotion and Brand protection are major concerns for any organization. DataGenius is an expert, providing multiple solutions to its global Clients in:

Lead generation & Drip campaigns

Brand positioning

Brand promotion

SEO promotion

Social media promotion

Google SEO Services

Google Seo
  • On-page optimization, leads form, placement of call button, social media presence, contents provided by Client)
  • Perform regular on-page SEO optimization
  • Weekly automated reporting of SEO results
  • Add Search engine friendly Meta Data as per most searchable keywords
  • Add more optimized content to the website according to keywords
  • Content Optimization – Add Heading Tags, internal linking from content
  • Google analytics linking
  • Check and update local Google listing

Facebook & Social Media Promotions

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, WeChat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing etc are well known social media channels worldwide which companies utilize depending on whether their targeted audience being present on these channels.

Some of these big social media platforms also provide paid posts and targeted boosts for specific demographics. This is a good tool for companies who understand where their Customers are, what they want and in which regions they are present in. It is important that your company understands clearly the need for such outreach. You need metrics with factual data to assess the positive impact social media can have on your business.

We help our Clients establish a more impactful and far reaching brand presence. We also help with monitoring and managing the metrics marking sustained presence within the targeted audience.

Brand promotion

Brand Promotion

Companies always try to do their best in promoting their products and services. These efforts are expected to have a contributory impact for the brand perception and to lift a general awareness amongst your targeted customers.

Customers have shorter attention spans than ever and less time to focus. With unlimited alternatives available, Brand promotion has become an ever-evolving science. Your promotions & campaigns will yield the most optimal and direct results when such campaigns are active. Such actions need to be executed with Brand seeding as one of the objectives.

Your brand is valuable, give it the nurture and care it so well deserves. Get your brand positioned and promoted in a manner that allows your Customers to recognize and draw favorable opinions & emotions.

Reputation Management


With the advent of social media and its far-reaching capability, a message can be spread with speed of light. Possible in innumerable forms, seen and commented on by unlimited people, brand reputation needs to be taken very seriously.

Each campaign and promotion should include reputation management as a corner stone and marker for success.

Even a single negative comment in social media could wipe out your months of hard work. Sustained brand promotion and campaigns could be lost quickly if monitoring is amiss. Therefore, it is very important that negative publicity, criticism, complaints etc which are a huge risk to the Brand, are immediately found and appropriately handled before it becomes a huge PR nightmare for the company.


No company can guarantee any of the following. We expressly disallow any such claims:
  • Google's visitation time/frequency to the site
  • Site page/contents crawling frequency
  • Rankings awarded
  • Boost in SERP or other site rankings
  • Placement of your site (pages) on 1st few pages of Google search, or time in which this can be done

We are experts in online campaign and promotions.

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