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Blockchain, AI, IoT ...

With a determined mind and right technology tools, you can make your organization more profitable & productive. We partner with our Clients to develop correct technology strategies and deploy solutions which serve to solve immediate pains, as well as their long term growth needs. Collaborative and iterative approach for solving business challenges and providing lasting solutions is our speciality.

DataGenius Software Labs Ltd, and its group of companies have been around since 2003. Our founders and Board of directors bring many decades of experience with the Information technology industry, as well as their first hand working experience in some of the world's best organizations, including top Government agencies, Wall street firms, high growth startups, and working across several different industries. This experience is leverage best by our Clients where our teams not only work onsite and remotely, but also our enterprise IT skills enrich our Client's workplaces. Our experienced and skilled people become the beacon within Client's operating environments for legacy technology, and latest technology approaches.

It is well known that enterprise IT solutions span a whole range of different technologies and operating environments. This is further made complex from the fact that the enterprises cannot just throw away the current solutions in place, even if at some point in time these solutions become more and more fragmented, disconnected and out of line with the performance needs of modern times.

Powering up and boosting any business requires experienced, credible and knowledgeable teams. This is where DataGenius Software Labs Ltd is an excellent choice for our Clients by providing an abundant, almost endless and multi-skilled professionals, even at short notice. Because information technology is the only thing we do. This is our core expertise, and an area where we can match and exceed any top technology team in the world.

Our teams can cover your organization's IT requirements across different functional areas.

We provide end to end solutions in:

Software development

Automation and manual test services

Project management

Branding, Brand positioning & Brand protection services

Implementing CRM and ERP solutions

Requirements gathering

UX/UI design


We bring the best user experience and user interface for your core applications, website, mobile applications and internal applications. We continuously work as your extended team, closely aligning with your business vision, goals and expectations. Our clients benefit from our 24x7 development services, support operations, help desk support, systems monitoring, database management and systems management.

Take a pause, and think of entire IT landscape in your Enterprise, and then we are ready to talk.

Bleeding Edge Technologies

As us how we can make your organization productive and profitable by leveraging and extending what you already have.